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How to stain with Saman

How to apply a new finish on your wood pre-finished furniture, doors, and kitchen cupboards?

To freshen your wood kitchen cupboards or furniture, it is important to follow certain steps in order to assure optimal results:

  1. Scour
  2. Sand
  3. Stain
  4. Varnish

Scour your wood cupboards or wooden furniture:

The first step in refreshing your cupboards or wooden furniture is to remove the existing stain, paint and/or varnish that would presently be on the surface until the wood is completely nude; all that is covering it must be completely removed.

The chemical scouring solutions are harmful products, particularly for people who have respiratory problems (asthma for ex.) If this is your case, you must absolutely wear a special mask conceived for chemicals that will absorb the fumes. Wear protection glasses, gloves and appropriate clothing in order to protect the skin from any spattering.

Apply the scourer to the piece with a paintbrush, in coats as thick as possible. Let it work as per indicate by the manufacturer.

Scrape with a painter’s knife. Make sure you always work in the direction of the wood grain.

Rinse plentifully. If needed, repeat the operation.

Sand your cupboards or wooden furniture:

Now you need to sand the surfaces that you have scoured in order to eliminate the irregularities. You can sand with a fine abrasive paper (120 – 150) to obtain a smooth surface. Make sure you always work in the direction of the wood grain.

Stain your cupboards or wooden furniture:

Make sure the surface is clean.

Once the cupboards or furniture have been correctly prepared, meaning scoured and sanded, you may now proceed with staining. Before you start, you must be certain that all surfaces are clean, dry and free of dirt.

Prepare the mixture

The 35 colors of water based SamaN stains can be mixed in desired proportions to create an array of endless colors. These recipes are easy to realize. All you need to do, is to mix both colors as indicated on the color chart by using the syringe supplied in the SamaN staining kit (60-003).

Test the color

The color showed may vary depending of the preparation (sanding) and wood essence. Before you start, we suggest you do a test to a hidden part of the surface to be stained.

Stain application

You can now apply the stain to the surface of your cupboards or wooden furniture. You can use the SamaN water based stains that were developed to give you the desired color with only one coat. Using the sponge include in the SamaN staining kit (60-002) is the most economical way. It is imperative to vigorously shake the stain in order to obtain a uniform dispersal of the color pigments. Pour a small quantity of stain onto the included sponge found in the SamaN staining kit and wipe off the excess with a soft and clean rag. Let dry for 1 hour.

Varnish your cupboard

After your cupboards or wood furniture have been stained in the desired color, you must apply a varnish in order to protect them. It is recommended to apply 2 coats of SamaN varnish to really seal and protect the wood. SamaN varnishes are available in 4 finishes that are mat, satin, semi-gloss and gloss.

Specifically formulated to resist an intense circulation; the superior performance of the Nano technology of aluminum oxide combined to super revolutionary finish, exceeds by far, the most stringent criteria’s in protecting the wood against wear, slight scratches and damages done by UV rays. It is ideal for wooden floors, furniture, cupboards and moldings.

SamaN brings wood finishing to new summits.

SamaN’s unique and superior hybrid oil finish varnish gives a rich golden color to your surfaces and dries 6 times faster than any other oil varnish. The low odor formula is also self-leveling to ease the application.

SamaN’s unique and superior water based varnish offers a protection twice as protective than conventional water based varnish. It’s self-leveling and non-yellowing formula dries rapidly while offering a nice clear finish.


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