Corona Sabre Angle Sash Brush


Corona Sabre Champagne Nylon Thin Angle Sash (13590) Paint Brush is a traditional synthetic paint brush with hand formed chisel tip, and unfinished US style hardwood handle. It has a thinner stock, and slightly shorter trim length, and is much lighter than the Corona Vegas. A general purpose angle paint brush for detailed cutting in and general trim work.

  • 100% DuPont Nylon Blend.
  • Smooth flagged filaments for reasonable finish.
  • Stainless steel bevelled ferrule
  • Unfinished US style hardwood handle.
  • Hand formed chisel tip profile - cuts in well.

Corona's Champagne Nylon series paint brushes are all manufactured using a dyed Solid Round Tapered (SRT) Dupont 100% Nylon filament blend. A softer and cheaper synthetic filament, suitable for applying interior latex, enamels, eggshell, and flat paints, and in particular water-based clear finishes. However, it's not as good as Corona's Red-Gold range, but still ok. Smooth flagged tips, and a hand formed chisel tip profile produce good accurate cutting-in.

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