CGC Sheetrock® Dust Control® Drywall Compound - 4.5L


CGC Sheetrock® Dust Control® Drywall Compound 

is a revolutionary product that reduces the mess associated with sanding drywall compound. CGC Sheetrock® Brand Dust Control® Drywall Compound goes on the wall as well or better than other leading drywall compounds, with the added value that when sanding most of the dust falls straight to the floor and doesn't float around in the air. It is an all purpose compound that can be used to embed tape, fill and finish gypsum panels, bead, trims and fasteners. It can also be used for skim-coating over dry and non-glossy surfaces.



  • Less airborne dust for faster clean-up as dust binds together and falls to the ground
  • Lightweight formula weighs up to 15% less than conventional weight compounds
  • Easy working and sanding; (aluminum oxide paper recommended to prevent clogging)
  • Excellent bond, smooth application, long working time
  • For taping, filling and finishing


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