Norton Dual Angle Sanding Sponge


ProSand Dual Angle Sponge gives you the versatility to reach difficult areas easily. Perfect for drywall applications where inside corners meet the ceiling.

ProSand Premium abrasive provides superior cut on all surfaces, lasts substantially longer and cuts faster than conventional abrasives and has been open abrasive grain coated to resist clogging and loading during sanding. Available in a wide range of grits to tackle any job, ProSand Sanding Sponges are perfect for sanding paint, drywall, and wood.

Features & Benefits

• Premium heat-treated abrasive offers faster cut and longer sanding life than 3X technology. Heat treating toughens the grain allowing it to stay sharp and last longer under extreme pressure, making it the most durable abrasive on the market. Super sharp edges allow grain to remove material faster.

• Increased backing weight. Fiber reinforcement and latex saturation offer better grain retention with higher flexibility for easy folding and unfolding without tearing.

• Non-pigmented, waterbased stearate, anti-clog (No-Fil) open coat design. Anti-clog provides best resistance to premature loading during sanding.

• No colour dye in coating process so there is no chance of colour transfer to work piece.

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